Halloween Project Worksheet

It’s summer and prime time for Halloween DIY projects. Summer gives me the long days and warm weather to take full advantage of the outdoor space for working with foam insulation board, power tools, spray paint and other not-so-indoor-friendly materials. Every year I make a list of projects I want to tackle but I rarely ever get to all of them. I have found that the best way to keep track of all my ideas and works-in-progress (which sometimes carry over to the next year) is to make a worksheet for each project. Of course, since I am a graphic designer, everything I create that gets printed is designed to the hilt. So in this post I’m sharing my Halloween Project Worksheet, which I am offering to you as a PDF download so you can keep records of your projects too.

Halloween Project Worksheet

There are three pages to the worksheet. Page 1 is a general description of the project, a materials list, a tools list, and general notes. Page 2 has a drawing space with grid for sketching with measurements, and a notes area. Page 3 is a step-by-step or To-Do list. You can hole-punch these pages and put them in a binder, or staple them together, or whatever works best for you. I keep them in a binder. These sheets are also great for keeping track of how you create your projects, in case you would like to post or blog about them later, or if someone asks you how you made something.

The worksheet file is in PDF format, if you don’t have a PDF reader (don’t all computers come with them? I’m not sure…) you can download a free one from Adobe. So… here is the download link:

Halloween Project Worksheet

Enjoy using these pages to create and document your own Halloween DIY projects, and let me know what you come up with!

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